You’re going to love the feeling of accomplishment and self achievement you’re going to get with the Art of Hand Sharpening.

» How do I receive your book?

You will receive a PDF of the book sent to whichever email address you provide. Also, you’ll get access to the multi-media enhanced online version of the book with video instructionals in that same email.

» What do I need to get started?

A knife you want to sharpen, a flat surface, some water, a whetstone, about 30 minutes and a little bit of patience.

» I’m worried I’m going to ruin my knives…

Honestly, there’s no need to worry. With hand sharpening you only remove a little bit of metal, and any mistakes are easily fixed. Your knives are only going to get sharper and better. Promise.

» How do I access your videos?

As soon as you’ve purchased the Art of Hand Sharpening you will be emailed a login for the website. If you don’t get your log in, don’t worry, just shoot me a message, and I’ll take care of you.

» Is your name really Burr Smith?

Wouldn’t that be Awesome? Unfortunately no. Look, there’s a lot of odd people on the internet, and I’m 12, so there’s no way my parents would let me use my real name (but my name does start with a B).

» Are you sure I’m not going to cut myself?

No promises 😉 seriously though, I haven’t cut myself yet and I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Take your time and be careful.

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